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..Bones for you..

Its me..Kay



I know I might be sounding like be sounding like everyone else right now but, I was chubby as a kid. Ok I dont ussually use that word, I was fat. My highest wieght was 163 in 7th grade. EW. Ive always been interested in ana since the begining of 8th. I remember going on my first pro ana site. It was pink, and it was forgein. She talked about her want her need to be thin. Hip bones and colarbones were here obsession. She listed ways to hide it and how to pretend your not feeling the pain. I liked it. I didnt do anything though. All I did was maybe cut the sugar out of my diet, and thats really how I lost all my wieght. Then in 9th grade, I met a girl Im going to call Butterfly. She, like me always dealed with wieght issues. Together we would skip lunch and lie. She was mia, she tried to teach me her ways, but its physicaly impossible for me to purge. I found that out when I stuck 3 fingers and a marker down there and nothing came out lol. All this year Ive been off and on ana. I keep comming back when I feel lonley and sad. Lately Ive been looking at nutrition information like crazy and counting calories like my life depends on it. Well really it does, my love life, my social life. Its not easy. But Ive dont it before and I will do it again, dieing is better when your skinny!! I love life, and my friends. I listen to hardcore and grindcore music. I go to shows, I party lol. Ive gone down from size 13 to size 7 or 8. Crazy, eh? Well, I need as much suport as I can get! I love ana, and soon, she will love me as well.


This is the perfect body to me!! Well, except her fake boobies lol. In my fat face I even look like her a little. Well, this pic is so perfect to me. This is my obsession, my pasion, my life, I will have her body in a while :D

Final goal::

Well Im leaving for my families house this July, In some wierd way, I want to impress them with my body. They havnt seen me since I was a baby. I just want to prove to them that I can be sucessful. I want them to gasp when they see me! lol. I want them to tell me I could be a model. I want to shock them, even if its in a bad way.

As for my final goal, I return to school in 6 months. I want to show Butterfly I did it. Me and her are no longer friends, I want to rub it in her face, I know its mean. Im just honest. I want everyone to forget the old Kay, the fat, insecure Kay, and accept the new Kay. I want to look frail, I like the frail look. Wafer thin. I will not stop until my hip, color, and knee bones buldge out like their supsed too!!!!